Where can I find the dates and times of the intercambio-meetings?

Our meetings are Dutch-and-Spanish only. You can see our Agenda when you switch the site to Dutch or Spanish on the left.

I hardly speak Spanish or Dutch. May I come?

Of course. Just switch the site to Dutch or Spanish. It shouldn’t be too hard finding it. The Dutch word for “Agenda” is: Agenda. The Spanish word would be “Agénda”.

We’re all here to learn Dutch and/or Spanish, much respect to you if you’d perhaps try to learn one of them or both. If you speak neither Spanish nor Dutch, you might have a hard time at our meetings. But you’re always welcome to have a try. And in the mean time our meetings are perfect for meeting new people all over the world.

What level of speaking is needed?

In either language, depending on the evening there are almost always people who almost don’t speak either one of the two languages we practice, and people that are almost fluent in both. But we’re all there to learn.

Is it a youngsters-only meeting?

No. There are people from all languages, from all over the world, and of all ages. Everyone who comes shares the interest in the Spanish and/or Dutch culture with the rest. That makes a group with much variations, but always very open-minded.

Is there a program on your meetings?

No. We have only one rule: we only speak Spanish or Dutch. You can speak with whom and about what you want.

Drinks are free?

No, everyone pays for his own drinks at the bar.

Do I have to pay for the meeting as well?

No, that’s free. However you can leave some change for the organization if you want. Thanks a lot and you’re welcome.

I want to learn Dutch or Spanish. How?

Everyone has his own favorite method, it depends on the person what works best. But you will need to speak it with natives to learn it fully for sure. So come to our meetings or use Tinder ;).

Another option is conversationexchange.com, for individual meetings. And you can combine the two to learn the fastest as possible.

What is the best way to learn a lot?

If you want to learn a new language, you have to try to speak, beginning with a few words. On our meetings, ask the others to correct your mistakes in pronounciation, vocabulary or grammar. It’s not very useful to mix two languages at the same time, neither is talking and responding in two different languages. Try to maintain speaking one language for a while.

I’m looking for a good course to learn Dutch or Spanish here or abroad

Ask the people on the reunion. Together we have a lot of experience!

Hope to see you soon!

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