The best way to learn Dutch or Spanish!

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Practice your Spanish or Dutch with natives, while they learn your native language from you, meanwhile enjoying a drink in a good bar. The best way to practice your language-skills and get in contact with new people!

Español, por favor…
Nederlands, graag…

Sounds good, doesn’t it? In Spain this formula is very common, in Holland it’s not. And that’s a shame because there are numerous Dutch people wanting to practice their Spanish, and also there are a lot of Spanish people living in Amsterdam wanting to practice their Dutch. That’s why we are organizing this intercambo-café.

If you switch your language on this site you have access to our agenda – only in Spanish or Dutch 😉 .

We’re organizing our meetings weekly at something between 20:30 to 23:00 (at least), and monthly on sundays at 16:00. Also we have a monthly ‘Intercambio Cinema’, with films in Spanish, with Dutch subtitles, and the other way around – Dutch films with subtitles in Spanish. Places, time and day vary, so subscibe yourself to know the details! For sure we’ll be in a nice bar in the center of Amsterdam.

You can join freely. You can leave some change for the costs of organizing and for organizing future events, but there’s no obligation. Interested? Subscribe for our newsletter, no obligations.

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